Friday, August 12, 2011

.english error.

lately, i'm seeing many people especially the Malaysians are making the same mistakes in English again and again. I feel like telling them, but, i think that would make them feeling inferior and they might think im boasting around with my English. But then, i can't stand it when people did that. For example,
we are meet again.
that was absolutely wrong. How come did they use the language if they dont feel confident about being right or wrong? It is okay to use that language as long as people are able to understand, but by continuous mistakes and errors, people who are lack of knowledge in grammar and punctuation would be influenced as well.

Learning English is boring to some people. English, to me, is a language of art where you can express your feelings in the beauty of words. It goes the same with Bahasa Melayu where you can express your feelings in the form of essay, poem, and so on. Thus, learning language as a form of art may be able to prevent your mind into thinking that language is boring.

Even I was thinking of taking japanese class as my third language alongside with Bahasa Melayu and English Language.

P/s: SOmetimes, I think it is a mistake for me to study degree in mathematics. I prefer language the most. But then, as people say, interest in mathematics can be develop over time. And it is proven to be true. :)

Hey people!

Don't judge me, unless you have looked through my eyes, experienced what I have, and cried as many tears as me. Until then, BACK OFF; for you have no idea.