Sunday, April 12, 2015

My shining star

My best friend.
My companion.
My comrade.
My everything.

he is the best thing i ever experienced in life. the best, regardless of all the pain i have ever felt before. he is the one chosen to be my soul mate and my partner in life. the one name ever written in the book of fate to be my knight in shining armour (huh?)

it was on 7th July 2012 that he started texting me on facebook. eventhough it was brief (really brief), at that moment i was asking myself, "em, who is this guy?" Never would i thought he would be the one asking for my hand in marriage. :)

he only asked me what my option was. =.=' haha

and then on 24th September 2013, he texted me saying that he wanted to say something very important. I was shocked since i hardly know him in person (i am the type not to be involved with anyone haha). i only replied his text on 4th October.

the truth was, i was rather confused, "is he texting the right girl?" haha. 
my friend used to text me when he actually meant to text his girlfriend since we share the same name. :D

he said he was not wrong, it was me that he was looking for. and i was like, "wow, there's actually a guy who knows me." haha i thought no one was able to see me since i was invisible most of the time. a trait i'm proud of. :P

picture taken on our Engagement Day. 
see that cushion? :D

my best friends, always there to help. Thank you dearies!

our wedding day, 14th March 2015. 
thanks guys for coming. really appreciate that. 

15th March 2015. 

it was not easy to come to this point of life. we faced many things together but Allah knows better. 
alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.


thanks to you, my dear husband,
for you were able to see me when i was invisible. :)
if you are reading this, i want you to know again and again how much i love you. 

Hey people!

Don't judge me, unless you have looked through my eyes, experienced what I have, and cried as many tears as me. Until then, BACK OFF; for you have no idea.