Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cosplay VS Anime

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Haha no Komoriuta (Mai-Otome)

Another video from Youtube. I do not own this video. This is just a fan-made video from anime Mai-Otome.

I'd liked this music piece ever since I bought the CDs for the anime. Never would have thought I would be able to play this piece someday. It feels like candies fell from heaven! >,<  

I should quit this whole thing before it is too late. I am still learning and memorizing the notes of Innocence but yet another piece just came out from nowhere. One by one, please! 
Learning keyboard sure is hard. Not to mention that I barely able to read the scores. Lucky me that I got Synthesia. Save me lots of time.

Currently learning Innocence, but as I got to the hard part, I almost gave up. Pfffft~ If this continues, I wont be able to play this piece even in a lifetime. But then when I saw my fellow friends can play piano so well, I got so damn jealous that I swore to be a better pianist than YIRUMA. That's just too much. Hahaha. Silly me.

Just a beginner, *sigh* How I wish to get better soooon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


There's a thunderstorm last night. She was on board a ferry that flew off the cliff. She held the pillars tight, and it was as if she was flying down. The water current was so strong, too strong that she couldn't take it anymore. Before she knew it, she found herself under water, gasping for air. The sky was dark, so dark that not a single ray of sunlight was able to pass through. The sea water was spiraling, engulfing her tiny body. Fortunately, she managed to get onto the ferry again. Such catastrophe. She tried to find him, but he was gone. She found the situation to be weird and kind of .. out of this world. Then she realised, it was just a nightmare.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Tribute to Mikage Celestine (07-Ghost)


Mikage is a young boy around the age of 15, 5 foot six inches, with a slender build, and weighing 51 kg. Mikage has an oval-shaped face with tanned skin, a long, thin nose, large mouth with thin lips and narrowed, amber-coloured eyes. His hair is blonde, and parted down the left side, kept in a messy fashion. He also has an X shaped scar on his chin.

Mikage wears the Barsburg Military cadet uniform, consisting of a black, or dark blue, thigh-length tunic with long sleeves and a neck guard. He wears black trousers and knee-length back boots and white gloves similar to the other military cadets. His uniform has golden trimming on the shoulders, chest, sleeve cuffs and neck guard and he also wears a gold belt. He also has gold shoulder boards on his right shoulder and a small version of the Barsburg Military insignia over his left shoulder.

Mikage is first seen at the Academy in the same dormitory at Teito, when one of the officers arrives and tells them to wake for assembly. Mikage is excited about the exam and expresses that he wants to be a soldier and protect his family. Much later he takes the Begleiter exam and passes, but his hopes of becoming a soldier are damaged after he helps Teito escape on a Hawkzile after he (Teito) attacks Ayanami and kills the guards that apprehend him.

Mikage has been shown to be extremely kind-hearted, not judging people by their social class and treating everyone as if they were equal. He was also shown to be above violence(a quality not shown in the anime as he engages in multiple fights), as when Teito becomes furious at Shuri and punches him, Mikage restrains Teito and tells him not to fight, and also when he implores Teito not to take revenge against the military.

Mikage helped Teito running out of the military cell.

Mikage is arrested for helping Teito and is interrogated by Ayanami and Hyuuga. It is possible that he may have been beaten during interrogation, as in a flashback Hyuuga is seen punching Mikage. However this may have been just an illusion created to anger Teito because this was seen during the second part of Teito's bishops' exam, and when Mikage returns to the Church there are no bruises or marks on him to support the theory that he was beaten. Yet at the same time, it's also possible that he was healed by a healing Zaiphon before being sent to Teito. The matter is widely left for the fans to speculate.

Mikage was possessed by a Kor, while being controlled by Chief Ayanami. He had only half of his soul within his body which made it impossible for him to return to his original form. The sudden tears that flowed out from his eyes shows how great his love for his friend is.

Mikage (controlled by Ayanami) and Teito's battle. 

Mikage's final embrace.

He still managed a smile at the end of his life. Such sad ending.

Mikage becomes reincarnated as a small pink Fyulong, (nicknamed by fans as Burupya (ブルピャ) due to distinctive call the young have) and brought to Teito by Frau who said that the dragon had fallen out of its mother's nest. The reason Mikage chose not to be reincarnated as a human is because he wished to protect Teito, no matter what form.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tribute to Hakuren Oak (07-Ghost)


Hakuren was born into the wealthy and prestigious Oak Family where he grew up in luxury and splendour. His father is a noble, and though it is unknown what exactly his father's job is, it is established that he is either a politician or a soldier, as it is family tradition. His mother's job is unknown, but it is probable that she also comes from a noble family.

When he was very young, his mother was taken by a Kor. To protect the Oaks' good reputation (as the Oak Family is a God House), his father had her locked in her room so that no one would know about it. He refused to take her to the Church because the exorcism is witnessed by the public, which means the secret will be publicized. One day a travelling Bishop (later revealed to be Frau) came to his house and healed his mother. Hakuren believed that he was God who answered his prayers and since that day, wanted to become just like Frau. 

At first Hakuren appears to have a striking similarity to his younger cousin Shuri, as in the beginning of his relationship with Teito he taunts him in a similar way his cousin does and also possesses a similar sense of pride (e.g. taunting Teito in the anime, "I don't know that nowadays even elementary school boys can participate in the bishop exam. Kiddy, where is your home? Let elder brother (me) take you home.") He is first established as vain, as in their first meeting he was shown to take pride in his appearance (with a mirror in his clothing) and proclaims to Teito, "beauty is such a curse" and "You are jealous of me because I am so gorgeous, aren't you?".

Hakuren was the guy of my dreams. He sworn to protect Teito even if everyone is against him. 
"Even if they are against you, I would always be by your side, Teito."

Hakuren and Second Mikage
Second Mikage had a strong liking towards Hakuren, to Teito's dismay. During Teito's absence, Second Mikage was always seen to be sleeping beside him. 

Hakuren protected Teito from a Kor, risking his own life.

Teito was mad after Hakuren protected him from a Kor which almost costed him his own life. For Teito, Hakuren was a precious friend and he couldn't afford to lose him.

A gentle hug from a precious friend.

Hakuren's reasons for wanting to become a Bishop are to help people and take revenge against his father. He expressed outrage upon hearing what the military (in which many members of his family serve) had covered up and was determined to let the voices of the common people be heard by the royalty. Although Hakuren has rebelled against the Oak family, and was hesitant to return to them, he was very offended when Teito insulted his family name by calling them 'spineless Oaks' and thought that he would have beaten the other party if they were not within the church.

His face is oval shaped, with a pointy chin and slender jaw, and his skin is a pale peach colour, and he has a long, thin nose, a large mouth with full lips. Hakuren's most distinctive feature is his eyes, with are narrowed and purple in colour but have long bottom eye-lashes that appear to be a trait in his family as both Shuri and Wakaba possess them. His hair is blonde, and down his mid-back and it kept in a loose ponytail held with silver, metal clasps. His bangs reach past his eyes but are parted on the left.

"You fool. Just worry about yourself"

Hakuren shows a gentle and thoughtful side to his personality. When seeing Teito's sklave mark, he feels very guilty for calling Teito an "elemetary school boy" earlier, as he realizes that the other party probably hasn't even been sent to elementary school before, and apologises to him. After Teito saved him, he wanted to become his friend, to always protect him. 

In a drama CD released in March 2009, Mikhail said that Hakuren's voice has the power of soothing Teito and Teito's heart cares about Hakuren. He also said that Hakuren Oak is someone who is very important to his master.

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