Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grief | Sorrow | Happiness

life teaches us lot of things. we suddenly become aware of the situations around us. we became aware that things happen for reasons.

my life is not to be toyed with; my feelings should never be played with. i am no toy. i am a human. 
yes, i admit i used to make a lot of mistakes, and i also know that this is a test for me to see whether i have changed or not. but u know, i have had enough. i have changed so whatever you do will not effect me, not a single bit. now i believed i should love myself more than ever before, because someone told me, i am unique and different from other people around me. how is it different i dont really now myself. but, yes, i do feel myself to be different from others since a girl who loves anime sure is a weirdo, right? Haha. also, it might be because i am the only daughter in the family so i acted a lil' different from the girls of my age. 

i want to be a rose. 
beautiful to be seen, injure you if you are not careful with them.

i would never walk into that same road i used to walk. i am going to take a different one, a road that can brings me closer to my Creator, not the one to push me away from HIM. Truthfully, i admit sometimes i forget about HIM, and my beloved Prophet. i am a human, making mistakes more than you could possibly imagine. i am trying to change for better. 

HE does brought me people who change my life. my friends. i love them so much <3

P/S: i have been alone for so long now. i am much more independent than you would ever imagine I am.

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